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Subversive Scrapbooking

How many times have you seen a gorgeous, fall-in-love-with kit in your favorite scrapbook designer’s store, and thought, “If only I had photos to scrap with that kit!” But, let’s be honest – as scrapbookers – we always have photos we need to scrap! Sometimes, though, we too quickly pass by a kit without recognizing […] Read more…


Scary Movies & Scrapbooking

Hi!! It’s Biancka here with a new blogpost. It’s almost Halloween !!! Are you as excited as I am ?? I love Halloween. It’s just sad that Halloween isn’t a huge Holiday over here in The Netherlands. It is getting more popular but nowhere near as popular as in North America. A few years ago […] Read more…


What if?….

It has been so crazy with so many natural disasters lately hasn’t it? I don’t know how many of us have been affected by the various floods, fires, earthquakes, storms, etc but I do know how scary it can be when a family has to evacuate their home! We had to recently, my family, due […] Read more…


Bittersweet Back to School Moments

Over here in The Netherlands we are enjoying our Summer Break. Two weeks in and four more weeks to go. It’s going fast !! I don’t really want to think about it but this weekend we are going school supplies shopping. It’s a big one. Jasper just finished Elementary School and now it’s time for […] Read more…

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