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Yearbook Tips for the Pocket Scrapper: Alphabet and a Half

fridge monster by Traci Reed & Studio Flergs Scrapbook pages have two critical parts: Photos and Journaling. I’ve already written about two great ways to improve your story-telling photography, through the Five Levels of Photography and Capturing the Before, During & After, so now I’m going to share with you three quick ways to improve […] Read more…


Art Journaling 101: Blend Modes and Masks

Welcome to the last article in our Art Journaling 101 series! Now that Samara’s covered the WHY of Art Journaling, Jaimie’s got you covered with all the different WAYS to Art Journal and Heather’s got you hooked up with TOOLS for Art Journaling, and Lita’s showed you how to incorporate Art Journaling Techniques into normal scrapbook pages, I think […] Read more…


Art Journaling 101: Welcome!

Welcome to the first article in our Art Journaling 101 series! If you’re anything like me, you’ve seen the phenomena of art journaling growing and growing in the community and have been wondering…what the heck? I admit, I was fascinated by the whole thing but have never really considered myself THAT kind of artist. Sure, […] Read more…