God Bless The US: We The People by Traci Reed

Good Afternoon lovelies!  I’m back in your inbox this week with a new patriotic collection celebrating the election process in the US!  I know that half of you are mourning and half of you are celebrating today, but the good news is, no matter how you feel about the election, God Bless The US: We The People is the perfect kit to scrap about it!

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God Bless The US: We The People

by Traci Reed

Love the results of the election or hate them, God Bless The US: We The People is the perfect kit for scrapping all your feelings!  The newest collection in Traci’s God Bless the US series, We The People tackles the democratic process with all the grace and dignity of the office of the president and is perfect for everyone on the the political spectrum!  In patriotic colors with a hint of calming teal, We The People comes with tons of hand-drawn illustrations, fun word art and gorgeous papers!

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Kit: 16 patterned and 6 solid digital scrapbooking papers, 3 complete inked-edge newsprint alphas on individual .png files and 74 embellishments including: 3 fanfold “awards”, 1 balloon illustration, 1 ballot box illustration, 2 borders, 4 buttons, 1 democratic donkey illustration, 1 election day title, 1 republican elephant illustration, 1 flag illustration, 4 flair, 9 flowers, 3 foliage, 4 frames, 1 star garland, 1 inauguration day title, 1 “I Voted” sticker, 2 labels, 3 paints, 1 paper pieced flag, 1 radio illustration, 4 ribbons, 1 shooting star illustration, 3 postage stamps, 3 paper pieced stars, 6 star brads, 1 statue of liberty illustration, 1 tv illustration, 6 word bits, 3 washi and 1 white house illustration!

Coordinating Cards




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