GIMP: How to Add and Clip Papers in a Template

If you are just starting out with digital scrapbooking or maybe don’t want to spend any money on software, then GIMP is likely the program for you! It’s a great alternative to Photoshop. It can even been taken anywhere with you as a portable app on a USB drive!

We will start with GIMP 2.6. This program is considered a great alternative to Photoshop. In fact, that is one of the reasons I picked it and eventually used it for almost 5 years before switching to Photoshop. The best thing I love about GIMP is that I can use the PSD templates without any conversation. I’ll show you want I mean!

First, let’s pick a template. How about one from Tiny Two Turtles’ Success pack?

Click on File – Open then navigate to the PSD template you want and click OK. Your template pops up in the window ready to use.


You can click and drag your paper directly into the GIMP window.


You may get a pop up asking about color profile and if you want to convert. Select Yes.

Here is how your window should look. The paper you dropped in will be a new layer with the filename as the title.


If you want to “clip” the paper to one of the layers, you would do the same and drop the paper in as a new layer. From there, right-click on the layer you want to clip the paper to and select “Alpha to Selection”. You’ll see the dancing line around the layer you selected.


Then select the paper layer you dropped in and select Edit-Copy (or you can type Ctrl-C).


Hide the paper layer by clicking on the Eye in Layers-Brushes window.


Then select the layer you want to paste the paper to and select Edit-Paste (or Ctrl-V). Your paper will show up in the layer. You’ll see that a new layer called “Floating Selection (Pasted Layer)”. It’s a temporary floating layer until you “anchor” it. Either click on the anchor below the list of layers or click on the template (with the mouse arrow & anchor symbol). The floating layer will disappear and your paper is now clipped to the layer selected.


And that is how you add and clip papers in a template using GIMP.

Ophelia James headshotThis post was written by Ophelia James.

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