6 Ways of Using the Same Photo More than Once on a Layout

Today I’d like to talk about using the same photo more than once on a layout. Even though we live in the age of digital photography – where we tend to take way more photos than we’re ever able to scrap – Ι sometimes run into the situation where I’d like to use the same photo twice. Either because I terribly like it, or for reasons of emphasis. The good news: There’s nothing wrong with using the same photo more than once on a photo. And there are actually a number of ways of how you can go about this.

Tip 1 | Random Choice

Simply use the same photo as many times on a layout as you like. There are really no rules as to how to use the photos and if you have simply have space for a number of photos, go ahead, choose the one you want to use and simply plop it on your layout just as you would do with differing images as well.

Tip 2 | Photo Strip

Take the same photo and place it in a photo strip. You can a) create a photo strip yourself, or b) you can use someone else’s templates to create a photo strip (Traci even has some templates of that kind in her store), or c) you can use a frame that sometimes comes with a kit to create a photo strip.

Tip 3 | Alternate Same Photos with Varying Ones

My next tip for using the same photos on a layout is by combining a number of same photos with one or more varying ones. That makes for an interesting effect and the viewer of the layout often will barely notice that some of the photos are the same. (We sometimes have a lot of photos picturing the same scene, after all).

Tip 4 | Alternate Shapes of Photos

Another great way to add interest to your layout while still using the same photo is by switching up the shapes of your photos. You can create clipping layers which can be square, rectangle, round, or any other odd shape you’d like and then clip your photos to these. Your layout will appear quite eye-catching and will quite make up for the lack of variety in your photos.

Tip 5 | Alternate Color Photos with Black & White Photos

If you’ve tried all the other options already, you might find it interesting to play with the colors of your photo. You can simply turn it into a black and white image and use of a combination of both color and b/w for added interest.

Tip 6 | Mix Some or All of the Above

Finally, you can prove to myself and to the rest of the world that your creativity isn’t bound by any tutorial. You can simply go ahead and use a mix of all of the above-mentioned options on one and the same layout, and if you can still think of another way of you how to work with same photos, simply leave a comment below. The other readers will appreciate it. Here I have a sample layout on which you can see how I combined two different methods (different shapes & mixing color and b/w photos).

6 Ways of Using the Same Photo More than Once on a Layout

Girls of Summer by Traci Reed, Template from Half Pack 136 by Cindy Schneider (reduced)

Sula Hoefer headshotThis post was written by Sula Hoefer

1 comment on 6 Ways of Using the Same Photo More than Once on a Layout

  1. Libby Wiers
    September 16, 2015 at 1:39 pm (2 years ago)

    Love these ideas, especially for the grandson photos where I take a bunch and all nearly alike – just use them all!!


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