3 Quick Tips to Streamline your Hybrid Pocket Pages

3 Quick Tips to Streamline your Hybrid Pocket Pages

Sometimes, the hardest part of pocket pages is just getting started. Kits definitely help to streamline your process however, at times, even they can be overwhelming. If you want to work fast, you need to work smart. Let’s take a look at the way I streamline my process to create hybrid pocket pages.

3 Quick Tips to Streamline your Hybrid Pocket Pages

1. Choose only 2 papers. With so many great papers in each kit, it is understandable that you want to use them all. However, you can speed up the page creation process by choosing just 2 at a time to work with. Remember, you can always use the rest of the papers on other spreads for that month.

2. Pick Your Page Flow. Will it be a diagonal flow or a zig zag? Pick the main paper you want to use throughout the page spread and place it so that it creates movement across the layout.

I chose a polka dot patterned paper as my main print. I carried it through the cards, placing them in a diagonal flow (from the top left to the bottom right) to show our progression through the day. You can also place the cards to create a zig zag or letter z type flow on the layout.

3 Quick Tips to Streamline your Hybrid Pocket Pages

3. Use visual triangles to create an appealing design. You can still mix and match as many embellishments as you like. However, the color of that second piece of paper will determine your choice of embellishments. Place a few embellishments with that color strategically on your layout to form a series of triangles. Ideally, the triangles should frame photos you want to highlight.

I chose the turquoise chevron paper as my 2nd print. While I also chose several other embellishments, I made sure to place a few turquoise items throughout the layout creating 3 main triangles on my page.

Christy Strickler headshotAbout the Author: Christy Strickler is originally from Florida but has lived for the past 9 years in Nassau, Bahamas. She is a wife and homeschooling Mom who adores cats, video games, and scrapbooking. You can see more of her work at My Scrapbook Evolution.

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