Basic Design Principals for Scrapbookers: The Visual Triangle

I am always looking for ways to make my pages “better”, more interesting, and more pleasing to the eye. And I am always reading and learning new techniques, tips, and design ideas. One of the design principles that has always stuck with me is “the visual triangle.” The concept of a visual triangle is to use elements, color, or other similar elements to draw additional to particular parts of the pages that you want people to notice. I think a lot of scrappers do this unconsciously but now you can make it a conscious part of design and scrapping process.

Below I am going to show a few of my pages and I will draw out the triangle and tell you what I did to create the triangle.

Basic Design Principals for Scrapbookers: The Visual Triangle

As you can see, a visual triangle can work on even on pages without photos. I actually have several visual triangles on most of pages, but I am only highlighting one on each page. On this page, I use the pop of the “goldenrod” to help highlight my journal block. The layered paper circle, flower, and acrylic button all have that same color. Note, that the some of the elements have other colors in them but it doesn’t really matter, the importance is that it is adding the color pop you need to create your triangle. Kit used: Trust Your Crazy Ideas by Traci Reed.

Basic Design Principals for Scrapbookers: The Visual Triangle

Something similar are in the last page, I used the light teal blue to help frame the journal card which is the focus of the page. Your eye is drawn to that part of the page. If you notice, I also used a visual triangle of three yellow stars around part of my title, specifically the word “you’re” This was a page about my husband being away a lot for his new job and I wanted to emphasize that the page was about him and my feelings about him being away. The triangles help draw the eye to the parts of the page I want people to notice. Kit used: Pocket ’15: January Collection by Traci Reed.

Basic Design Principals for Scrapbookers: The Visual Triangle

And finally, a busy page with a visual triangle. I think a triangle can be even more important of busy pages. When you put a lot of elements or photos on a page, the eye often doesn’t know where to look. Again, this is a page with a lot of visual triangles, let me point out a few of them. One is the one I highlighted. I used dark teal to frame some of my photos plus the title. I also used three journal strips to draw attention to some photos as well. With the visual triangles, the eye can find a place to land. Kit used: Whack-A-Doo! by Traci Reed and Robin Carlton (other elements used as well).

I challenge you to take a look at your own pages and see if you find visual triangles in your scrapping. On your next page, make a conscious effort to create a visual triangle and see if it makes a difference.

Liz Moss headshotAbout the Author: Liz Moss lives somewhere around the Arizona/Nevada border with her Husband and two Daughters. Scrapping since 2006, she is always in search of the “holy grail” layout. When not scrapping or otherwise occupied by the internet, she can be found watching far too many cooking reality shows or with her nose in her Kindle reading the latest Sci-Fi/Fantasy series that has caught her eye. Liz can be found on Pinterest at

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  1. noreen
    July 4, 2015 at 3:59 pm (2 years ago)

    Thank you for the tutorial. I have never really got the hang of the triangle thing.
    Do you plan it before the LO or is it ingrained in you now and just happens?


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