Revitalizing A Layout, Pocket Style!

Have you ever looked through some of your older scrapbook layouts and thought “Wow, my style NOW sure is different”? I’ve become much more of a pocket scrapper these days and a fairly heavy embellisher. So, I’m going to redo one of my earlier scrapbook layouts pocket style!

Disclaimer: I am NOT a proponent of going back and re-scrapping a lot of layouts! I think that our styles are supposed to change and evolve. I don’t dislike my older layouts in any way, I just thought it would be a fun exercise this once.

The layout I’m going to redo is one of the first few in my oldest online gallery at

Digital Scrapbook layout by Stacia

Credits: Papers and elements – Blue Winter by Cilenia Curtis; Template and mask – Tiffany Tillman 25 Days of Summer; Brush – Brandie Valenzuela Grungelle; Alpha – Scrapartist Color-full Collab; Font – New Cicle

For a pocket layout, I know I might want a few more photos so I head to my Lightroom catalog for December 2008 and pick the best ones from that performance. After evaluating them for orientation, I search through my stash of Traci Reed’s pocket templates and select one from 365 Unscripted: Plastic Stitched Grids 4. I’ve already decided to use her Pocket Life: Holiday Collection from last month.

I select all the photos I might want and place them in a new document in Photoshop, then clip the photos where I initially think I want them, hiding the layers of the photos I still might use.
Pocket scrapbook page by Stacia
The next part of my process is to select journal and filler cards and a place for a title. I also look for ways that I might want to modify the template, by combining or moving the spots.
Pocket scrapbook page by StaciaI kept agonizing over the title placement, whether to reduce the size of it or even select a new template, and finally decided to leave it large because I loved it in that gold foil. I did end up adding one of my other favorite photos.

The spot for the story and the date is already selected, so it’s on to find embellishments and papers. I place several potential background papers first, recognizing that I’ve already selected some fairly bold paper choices so far and pick a nice neutral. I keep evaluating title placement and decide to combine the two squares under the title to make them more cohesive, also duplicating the journal card to the left so it flows well.
Pocket scrapbook page by StaciaNow, I look through all the embellishments to add a few more things. I might decide not to use them, but I’ll bring a few more over and keep moving things around until I’m happy. I’ve shadowed my layout with basic shadows throughout the process but for any larger embellishments with distinct shadows I’ll tweak them to make them feel more realistic. I learned a few new shadowing tricks from Traci’s recent Creative Live classes that I am adding to my shadowing skillset. I’m also deciding which elements should be placed above the plastic stitching layer as though they are stuck on top of the “plastic protector”.

All that’s left is to move and re-size, add more word art (my weakness), gold foil shadow from Traci on the alphas, tell a more expansive story than what I did on my original layout and it feels a lot more like my current style. But I still love the original layout and it’s the one that will stay in my daughter’s ballet album. I think I’ll include this one in my Holiday Album for 2014 as kind of like a Throw Back Thursday!

Pocket scrapbook page by Stacia

Credits: Pocket Life: Holiday Collection by Traci Reed; 365 Unscripted: Plastic Stitched Grids 4 by Traci Reed; Custom Font

Have you ever redone a layout to make it more your current style? Link us up in the comments so we can all see.

Stacy Hall_headshotAbout the Author: Stacia Hall is an accountant by day, and a super scrapper the rest of the time. She describes herself as a storyteller at heart, who wants her children to understand and feel what she was thinking when she created her pages. Her scrapping goal for 2015 is to continue focusing on everyday moments but still finding time to scrap scanned heritage photos.

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  1. Terri
    February 7, 2015 at 8:35 am (3 years ago)

    I really liked your first page too

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