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Stop Documenting & Start Experiencing by Michelle Agner for Traci Reed Designs

Stop Documenting & Start Experiencing

Today’s post is from Michelle Agner. Have you ever traveled to a place that had previously seemed out of the question? Or had a vacation so once-in-a-lifetime that you wanted to capture every little detail because you knew you’d never be back? I recently had an amazing – and unexpected – opportunity to spend two weeks in Morocco. […] Read more…

How to Love Your Layouts Twenty Years From Now by Natascha Broers for Traci Reed Designs

How to Love Your Layouts Twenty Years From Now

Today’s post is from Natascha Broers. You may already know that I’m a huge fan of everyday storytelling and journaling. Regardless of the topic. Whether it’s something very uplifting, happy or depressing – it doesn’t make any difference to me. Journaling is something that comes straight from the heart and the reason I’m committed is that I would […] Read more…

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