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5 Simple Reasons Why Project Life Completes Me

Today’s post is from Lynnette Dowling. If you’re familiar with Jerry Maguire, you’ll know what I mean when I say that Project Life didn’t exactly “have me at hello”. After all, I was already digitally scrapping dozens of pages a month to document my memories. Why did I need Project Life? Wouldn’t I be doing redundant work? […] Read more…

Organizing Your Digi Supplies: To Tag or Not to Tag?

Today’s post comes from Stacia Hall: If I asked you “what’s your biggest scrapping challenge?” You might answer that you wish you had more time to scrap! But if I asked “what’s your biggest DIGITAL scrapping challenge?” You’d most likely say “Spending too much time hunting through my supplies!” Fortunately, there are a variety of […] Read more…


Free Handwritten Phrases by Krista Lund for Traci Reed Designs

Today’s post is from Krista Lund. Happy Valentine’s Day! If you haven’t already seen Traci’s Pocket Life: February Collection in the Shoppe, you’ll want to check it out. Vivid watercolors, messy brushed alphas, and smile-inducing phrases like “Wuv. Twue wuv.”  Who could pass that up? Not me. In fact, I was so inspired, I convinced Traci to let […] Read more…

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