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Seasonal Spotlight – Project Life

So, it’s January and so many of us are knee deep in our Project Life adventure.  And we all need fun supplies to make this project run smoothly.  Did you know that Traci Reed Designs has an amazing Project Life line called 365 Unscripted?  What?? You didn’t?  Well, let me tell you about them! Everyone […] Read more…


Project Life: Week 4

Well, that’s it, I’ve given up the ghost! I’m not even going to bother with posting my digital versions anymore, I’ve been doing way too much after they print.  I must say I am loving this new creative outlet.  I thought it would be stressful to document weekly, but I’m looking forward to every weekend […] Read more…


Project Life: Week 3

Gosh, I was so absorbed in work this week, it was ridiculous, but I still managed to keep the album going.  It’s so funny, as the week’s progress, I do more paper and less digitally so these digital versions look so blank compared to the actual album.  When I get finished with week 4, I […] Read more…

My Digital Week 2 - Right Project Life Layout - Digital Version

Project Life: Week 2

I definitely took a lot less pictures this week, and busted out my big camera a lot less but I found out…that’s ok! I used the back of the Design A from the week before and a Design F for the right hand side.  After printing out my right hand page, I realized just HOW BIG […] Read more…


Project Life: Week 1

We had a quiet week here at the Reed household, it was the last week of Winter Break, it was rainy and/or cold so I had the lovely task of taking most of my photos in my cave-like house.  We did a lot of movie watching and video game playing this week and that’s ok, […] Read more…

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